March 2020

Created: 3/28/2020 5:21:25 PM
Fruit Picker Side Picker..Made in America. The very bendable and adaptable sides and basket of this unique low profile Fruit Picker will allow you to reach into very narrow spaces between the branches of the fruit tree and cleanly cut the stems.The unique design has you picking fruit from the SIDE of the Picker allowing the fruit to rest in the basket as you pull on the stem and cleanly cut it. Any fallen fruit on the ground can easily be picked up by the Picker and placed in your fruit basket. The ability to use a Broom handle or standard extension pole allows the user greater access to higher fruit. The ability to use either PVC pipe with an adapter or even up to a one inch wide dowel also provides great flexibility for the user to choose different poles for picking. This unique and inexpensive product was designed for homeowners who are not happy about climbing up on a ladder to get their fruit and don’t like the idea of just Ripping the fruit off of the tree. The product can also be used without an extension pole to harvest lower fruit. Blades are made from carbon steel.. Due to the very adaptability of the sides and basket ,...various size fruits up to 6 inches in diameter can be harvested by cleanly cutting the stems from either side of the guarded hardened blade. Why spend money on fruit pickers with poles that makes them more expensive when you can use your existing extension pole or standard broom handle. With the ability to purchase a replaceable blade... product can last for years. YouTube videos